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WordPress: How to control which category of posts displays on particular pages

Here are the codes I use to control which category of posts are displayed on which particular pages in WordPress. This is a great way to allow for multiple blogs on a single site, or to organize your blog posts … Continue reading

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How to crop thumbnail images from the top in WordPress’s NextGen Gallery plugin

I use WordPress’s NextGen Gallery plugin frequently on the websites I design. One of the issues that I have run into is the fact that, by default, images are cropped in the center to create the thumbnails for the gallery. … Continue reading

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How to Discover What Your Readers Really Want

Lately, I have been paying much closer attention to Google Analytics. I’ve had it installed for nearly a year – since my blog was first launched, because it’s a practice I’ve made into a habit over the years. Prior to really … Continue reading

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New post on – Popular blogging platforms: Which one is right for you?

Today, I published a follow-up to my original post on,  Choosing the Right Blogging Platform, with Popular Blogging Platforms: Which One Is Right For You? While the first  post talked about reasons why people could or should blog, this … Continue reading

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Project Spotlight:

Hello friends! Well, here we are again , and today I am shining the spotlight on another website that I recently launched – This website was designed for the family of Brody Flanigan. Brody is 3 years old and … Continue reading

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Project Spotlight: Crandall Coffee Roasters

Over the next day or so, I am going to blog about the 3 newly designed websites that I am launching this week. These are all a part of my Project Spotlight series, which is intended to provide a glimpse … Continue reading

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WordPress: Displaying your latest blog post on a static page

Here is  the simple and handy snippet of code that I use to display a WordPress blog’s most recent post on a static home page.

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Can Blogging Improve a Website’s Search Engine Optimization?

The short answer is: YES! Not convinced yet? Alright then, here are three of the reasons why I believe that having a blog on your website will or can help your search engine optimization and ranking. 1) More pages = … Continue reading

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