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Here I will answer some of the questions that I receive. Please feel free to submit your own questions either as a comment to one of my posts or by filling out the contact form on my contact page.

WordPress: Add an “Email this page” link to your website or blog posts

Here is the simple line of code that I use to add an “Email this page” link to a WordPress website or blog. Simply add this code snippet to the template file where you want the link to show up … Continue reading

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Interspire Shopping Carts: Add a Flyout or Dropdown Menu to Sidebar Panel

Here is the easiest way I have found to add flyout or drop down menus to a particular panel in an Interspire shopping cart’s template. First, sign  into the website’s admin panel. Go to Settings -> Store Settings -> Display. … Continue reading

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WordPress: How to show a different number of posts on different pages

Here is the line of code that I use to control the number of posts on particular pages in a WordPress site. Note: the website that this code was written for is set up to display different categories of posts … Continue reading

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WordPress: How to control which category of posts displays on particular pages

Here are the codes I use to control which category of posts are displayed on which particular pages in WordPress. This is a great way to allow for multiple blogs on a single site, or to organize your blog posts … Continue reading

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2 ways to make a sidebar extend to the bottom of its container

Here are two methods that I have used to make a website’s sidebar extend for the entire length of it’s container. Typically, a sidebar <div> ends once it reaches the end of the content inside it, which becomes an issue … Continue reading

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WordPress: Displaying your latest blog post on a static page

Here is  the simple and handy snippet of code that I use to display a WordPress blog’s most recent post on a static home page.

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Can Blogging Improve a Website’s Search Engine Optimization?

The short answer is: YES! Not convinced yet? Alright then, here are three of the reasons why I believe that having a blog on your website will or can help your search engine optimization and ranking. 1) More pages = … Continue reading

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What is Good Web Design?

Today I want to talk about what constitutes really good web design. When I first began designing websites, I put a lot of focus on the artistic and graphical elements of the websites – by using great color schemes, beautiful … Continue reading

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