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WordPress: How to show a different number of posts on different pages

Here is the line of code that I use to control the number of posts on particular pages in a WordPress site. Note: the website that this code was written for is set up to display different categories of posts … Continue reading

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WordPress: Manually control which blog pages show excerpts and which show full posts

Here is how to manually control which blog pages on your WordPress site display posts as excerpts and which show the entire posts. For the site that I developed this solution for, the pages are set up to display posts … Continue reading

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WordPress: How to control which category of posts displays on particular pages

Here are the codes I use to control which category of posts are displayed on which particular pages in WordPress. This is a great way to allow for multiple blogs on a single site, or to organize your blog posts … Continue reading

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Importing Your WordPress Posts to a Separate Website

This is something I have been trying to figure out how to do for months – and I finally did it!!! So for those of you who are also trying to display your latest blog post (or posts) on a … Continue reading

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Changing images on page refresh

Here is the script I used for the home page of V-EastOnline.com to make the images in the center of the page change every time the page is refreshed. (Note: We have since changed the home page feature for V-EastOnline.com … Continue reading

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Redirecting a web page

Here is the very simple code that you can use to redirect visitors from a page of your website where you don’t want them straight to the page where you DO want them!

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