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Custom Twitter feeds for your website

Here are some prestyled custom Twitter feeds that I designed and that you can use and edit as you want to for your website. Click an image below to view that particular style Twitter feed (each page is a live … Continue reading

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CSS Tricks: Use two background images for one div

Here is a simple line of code that I use if I need to display two background images stacked on top of or next to each other in one div. Two background images stacked vertically To use two background images … Continue reading

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2 ways to make a sidebar extend to the bottom of its container

Here are two methods that I have used to make a website’s sidebar extend for the entire length of it’s container. Typically, a sidebar <div> ends once it reaches the end of the content inside it, which becomes an issue … Continue reading

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A simple way to indicate active links in a web page with CSS

Here is a very simple way that I just started using to the change the appearance of an active link in your web page’s navigation menu.

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5 Online CSS Tools That Can Save You Time As a Web Designer

Hello, friends! Today I want to share with you 5 handy online tools that I use in my web design work to save time. I have found all of these tools to be easy to use and well worth at … Continue reading

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A simple horizontal drop-down menu tutorial

Here are the codes and styles you can use to create a simple and easily customizeable drop down menu. Here is an example of the type of menu we will be designing.

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