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New post at bizchickblogs.com: Making the Most of Your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar

Today I published my latest post for bizchickblogs.com – Making the Most of Your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar. The post covers 3 important reasons why the sidebar is an important area of any blog, one of the biggest mistakes bloggers should … Continue reading

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WordPress: How to change the length of blog post excerpts

Here is the line of code that I use to change the default length (55 words) of excerpts in WordPress. Copy and paste this snippet into your functions.php file: function new_excerpt_length($length) { return 20; } add_filter(‘excerpt_length’, ‘new_excerpt_length’); Simply change the … Continue reading

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Project Spotlight: Automotive Instincts Blog Development

I recently launched a new blog which I developed for Automotive Instincts – an automotive repair service and maintenance business in North Ridge and Woodland Hills, California. The blog is built on WordPress (which, if you know me at all, … Continue reading

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WordPress: Manually control which blog pages show excerpts and which show full posts

Here is how to manually control which blog pages on your WordPress site display posts as excerpts and which show the entire posts. For the site that I developed this solution for, the pages are set up to display posts … Continue reading

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How to Discover What Your Readers Really Want

Lately, I have been paying much closer attention to Google Analytics. I’ve had it installed for nearly a year – since my blog was first launched, because it’s a practice I’ve made into a habit over the years. Prior to really … Continue reading

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Recycling blog content: why, when and how

Good morning! Today I am writing about recycling your blog content – going back through your published blog posts, editing and updating them, and then re-promoting them on social networks, etc. This is something that could (and maybe even should) … Continue reading

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Blog commenting: Are you a spammer and you don’t even know it?

Good morning, friends! Today I am starting a new series here on my design blog – The Ins and Outs of Blog Commenting. In this series, we will cover effective blog commenting, identifying and preventing comment spam, how to turn … Continue reading

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18 Plug Ins to Make Your Blog Unique, Appealing and User-Friendly

Hi friends, today let’s talk about customizing and improving the functionality of your WordPress blog with easy to use plug ins.

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