Most Popular Posts

Here is a list of the most popular posts on my blog to date:

Are you as surprised as I am to see that this is the most popular post on my entire blog? The reason it is so popular is because I answered a question on one of the web developers forums that I participate on and my answer contained a link to this post. Even though that link was posted months ago, I still get plenty of traffic to this post every day.

This post was written last year and covers some of the major elements that a designer should focus on when trying to improve the usability of a website.

This post covers the complete overhaul and redesign of my website. I developed my own WordPress theme for my site so that I could customize it as much as I wanted and have complete control over it.

This post was written several months ago and talks about exactly what the title says – meeting potential web design clients for the first time.

A related post to the previous one, this post covers why and how to write effective web design proposals for prospective clients.

This post is one I wrote when I proudly figured out how to import my recent blog posts from my WordPress blog to my static html home page. Apparently that is something that other people are trying to figure out as well, and hopefully this post is what they are looking for.

Please note: If you need coding assistance or help, please contact me through and I would be happy to help!