Featured Self-Employed Entrepreneur at ArnoldArnan.com

Posted by Libby Fisher on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 in Freelancing, Random

Who is it, you might be asking? It’s me!

Arnold Arnan has a great series on his blog in which he features different self-employed entrepreneurs about once a week or so. And I am honored that I had the opportunity to be featured this week!

Here is a link to the article if you would like to read it – http://www.arnoldarnan.com/2011/01/featured-self-employed-entrepreneur/.

Arnold Arnan is a web and graphic designer and SEO expert who I met a little while ago and have had the pleasure of getting to know. He is great person to network with and to go to for your SEO needs, and his blog offers a lot of valuable, practical advice on self-employment and all that comes with it. :)

Anyways, thanks again Arnold for featuring me and thank you faithful readers for going over and checking out the article. :)



  1. Peter J says:

    Great article and it was great to find out more about what you are trying to achieve :)

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